tenant screening & selection in PA & MD

Tenant Screening & Selection in Central PA & Maryland

The success of a rental property largely hinges on the types of tenants you’re able to secure. Do you have the right tenant selection process in place? If not, you might be putting your investment in harm’s way. At American Heritage Property Management, we’ve been serving clients in Pennsylvania and the Baltimore Metro area. with comprehensive management services — tenant screening service included. While we can provide full-service management for your property, we can also provide fast and effective tenant background check service that helps improve the overall profile of your tenants — as well as the overall health of your rental investment business.

Our Tenant Selection Process
When we help owners with their tenant selection process, we leave no stone unturned. Our approach can best be described as “extensive due diligence.” We conduct a national criminal history investigation, we secure prior landlord references and eviction histories, we review credit, we verify employment and much more. A tenant credit check, tenant background check and similar tasks should be standard before any owner leases to a tenant. But many owners don’t have the time or resources to conduct each of these checks. And many tenant background check service providers cut corners and take shortcuts to save time and money.

At American Heritage Property Management, we’re invested in your success. Our goal is to make sure you find the best possible tenants, and we do everything it takes to achieve that goal. We have the team, experience and resources to be thorough and comprehensive at each step. We never cut corners, and we never take shortcuts. Instead, we use all that we’ve learned through 35-plus years of doing business to ensure you end up with your ideal tenants.

Why Choose American Heritage Property Management?
As a provider of comprehensive management services, we bring a 360-degree perspective to every aspect of managing a community or property. That includes the tenant selection process, where we lean on our decades of experience in every aspect of management to inform our decisions and guide our approach. We can provide a tenant background check service only, or we can serve as your full-service property manager.

What does full-service mean? It means we handle the marketing of your property, the tenant selection and screening process, day-to-day operations and maintenance, rent collection, evictions and much more. We work throughout Pennsylvania and the Baltimore Metro area, and we’re able to provide focused, market-specific service through our eight field offices spread throughout the region.

Since first opening for business in 1981, we’ve grown a great deal. Today, we manage more than 3,300 properties, and we are the largest scattered-site manager in the Keystone State. But we still come to work each day with a commitment to personal attention and outstanding customer service — characteristics you’d expect to find at a much smaller operation. We help you get the results you want by leveraging our depth of experience and significant resources. Let us help you perfect the tenant selection process.

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