Central PA Tenant Eviction Process

Perhaps the least desirable part of owning and operating a rental property is eviction. No landlord wants to evict a tenant. Rather, owners want to find reliable, conscientious tenants who pay rent on time and take care of a property like it’s their own. But evictions are part of the deal when you choose to purchase a rental property, and trying to avoid them will only make your life more difficult while also putting your investment at greater risk.

At American Heritage Property Management, we provide tenant eviction services in Pennsylvania. We have experience, not only in evicting tenants, but also in every aspect of property management. We use this depth of experience to execute fast and efficient evictions that feature the right blend of compassion and firmness. When you want to avoid this undesirable aspect of property ownership, choose American Heritage Property Management for tenant eviction services.

Our Tenant Eviction Process
For better or worse, laws are in place to help manage the eviction process. In Pennsylvania, the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951 outlines what constitutes a breach of lease as well as the process an eviction should follow. At American Heritage Property Management, we are experienced at following this legal process and moving through it as quickly as possible without violating statutes.

One reason you should choose a tenant eviction service: Eviction service providers know the laws in place, which protects you from liability during the eviction process. The laws are a little bit different in Maryland and other states, but by and large, the process follows a similar arc no matter where your property is located.

How long does it take to evict a tenant in PA? It depends on the reason for eviction. State law requires that a “notice to quit” be served to a tenant to start the eviction process. This notice provides the date by which the tenant must vacate the premises. The date can be as few as 10 days in the future for nonpayment of rent. The date can be as few as 15 days for a violation or a lease agreement if the lease is a year or less in length, or 30 days for leases longer than one year.

Choose AHPM for Tenant Eviction Services
Many landlords and property owners find themselves searching for tenant eviction services near them when the need arises. Eviction can be painful and taxing, which is why it’s such a good idea to outsource to experts. At American Heritage Property Management, we’ve been involved in every aspect of this business since 1981 — eviction included. We can help you quickly and compassionately execute an eviction while adhering to all relevant laws and protecting you from liability.

We can provide MD and PA tenant eviction services, and we can also provide comprehensive management services — everything including marketing, tenant selection and screening, daily operations and maintenance and much more. When you want to enjoy your rental property returns without the worry of operations, count on the experience, expertise and resources you’ll find at American Heritage Property Management.

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