Rent Collection Assistance in Central PA

There’s so much to enjoy about owning a rental property. Real estate is an investment that traditionally provides strong returns. And when you have the proper management partner, the many duties related to owning a rental property are made easy.

Rent collection is one of those many duties. It’s one thing for your tenants to be a day or two late on submitting a monthly payment, but it’s another thing entirely to try and collect unpaid rent after a tenant moves out. Are you wondering how to collect past-due rent after eviction? If so, the answer isn’t in finding the right process or testing out different tactics. The answer lies in finding the right unpaid rent collection agency — a property manager that knows how to get the past-due rent that’s owed to you.

AHPM: Your Rent Recovery Service Provider in PA and Beyond
At American Heritage Property Management, we have more than 35 years of experience in every aspect of managing rental properties. As part of our comprehensive management services, we screen tenants using the most rigorous methods possible, which increases the likelihood that tenants will be able to pay their monthly rent on time.

But things happen. A tenant falls ill. A job is lost. And so we’ve become adept at using the most effective methods for recovering unpaid rent. The task of chasing down former tenants and securing unpaid rent can be challenging and taxing, and it’s not something you need to worry about as you think about your portfolio and business in much larger terms. Let us use our experience and resources to provide the rent recovery service you need.

While we do offer comprehensive management services, we also act as an unpaid rent collection agency for owners who only need that service. If you’re wondering how to collect unpaid rent after a tenant moves out, wonder no more. Choose American Heritage Property Management. We know how to take advantage of rental assistance programs in PA, as well as how to use the many other tools and tactics needed to secure rent that’s past due.

An Experienced Property Manager
When you choose to work with American Heritage Property Management, you’re choosing a company that can do it all in property management. We offer marketing services, tenant screening and selection, day-to-day management and maintenance, rent collection, evictions and much more. Yes, there’s much to love about property ownership — the return on investment especially. For everything that’s not as desirable, American Heritage Property Management can take over.

We first started managing properties in 1981. Through these three-plus decades, we’ve grown into the largest scattered-site property manager in Pennsylvania. We currently operate more than 3,300 sites, and we’re able to provide focused, market-specific service thanks to our eight regional office locations. In addition to serving clients in Pennsylvania, we also work in
the Baltimore Metro area.

Let us help you collect past-due rent and perform all the other property management duties you’d like to hand off.

Contact us today for a free quote for service and a complimentary pre-management overview.