Real estate is often a good investment, and that’s certainly the case in central Pennsylvania. However, the attractiveness of real estate as an investment vehicle is often countered by the challenges of managing a property. That’s why it’s so important to have quality New Cumberland property management services when you own a rental house or building here on the banks of the Susquehanna.
At American Heritage Property Management, we are the leader among your options for New Cumberland property management companies. When you want to enjoy all the benefits of real estate investment without the challenges of management, we make that possible.

Get Quality Tenants for Your Property

As your provider of rental property management in New Cumberland, we help fill your units with the best possible tenants. We do this through comprehensive marketing strategies and thorough screening processes. Our marketing includes far more than just a traditional “For Rent” sign, including social media engagement, syndication to popular real estate sites and much more. Our screening process includes applications, employment verification, references, eviction history, credit reviews, due diligence and more.

The result of this proven approach is that you secure tenants who are more likely to treat your property as their own and pay rent on time. That means a much more enjoyable investment experience.
Get the Most From Your Investment With Effective Repairs and Maintenance

Another challenge in managing your own real estate investments is repairs and maintenance. Who is going to answer late-night phone calls with emergency repair needs? Who’s going to wait around for service contractors to arrive on the premises? At American Heritage Property Management, we offer a full-service contractor who is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to the needs of your tenants. What’s best: We practice preventive maintenance and repairs that ensure the same issue won’t arise again anytime soon.

We Take Care of It All

When you choose American Heritage from among rental management companies in New Cumberland, you’re choosing a provider that does it all: lease prep, deposit collection, renewals, evictions and much more. You get the chance to sit back and enjoy your investments — and their returns.

We also help you maximize monthly rentals and scale your investment business. How? By providing in-depth reports on a regular basis, including financial statements and investment analyses. Consider us a trusted partner that’s always focused on helping you make the most of your investment in real estate.

Experience the Difference American Heritage Makes

Experience matters in real estate and property management. At American Heritage, we bring a wealth of experience you won’t always find with other property management companies in New Cumberland. We also provide a great deal in the way of resources, including 13 property managers, insurance providers, mortgage providers, settlement officers and more in conjunction with our parent company, Homesale Realty Services Group. Our experience, our knowledge and our resources are what put us head and shoulders above the competition.

Contact us today about rental property management in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.