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Real estate is such an attractive investment vehicle, mostly because it delivers steady and reliable returns. But the hardest part of real estate investment is the day-to-day operation of properties — everything from leasing to repairs and maintenance to even evictions when needed.

At American Heritage Property Management, we offer the best Mount Joy property management services. We make every aspect of property management that typically holds back investors from purchasing easy. We’ve been serving the state of Pennsylvania since 1981, and we use our wealth of resources, experience and knowledge to make a positive impact on your investment portfolio.

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Find Dependable, Stress-Free Tenants

Never stress about finding quality tenants when you choose AHPM from among property management companies in Mount Joy. We use a comprehensive approach for marketing to cast a wide net, including syndication to popular real estate sites, social media engagement and other digital marketing. We also use a proven screening process to ensure you get the best tenants, including applications, credit checks, reference checks and much more.

Our marketing and screening processes help us achieve vacancy rates 50 percent lower than the national average on behalf of our clients. Make sure your units are filled when you choose AHPM for rental property management in Mount Joy.

Put Repairs and Maintenance on Cruise Control

Why do investors shy away from real estate? Because of the challenging duties like repairs and maintenance. You never want to get a midnight phone call about an emergency repair need, and you never want to waste an afternoon waiting for a maintenance worker to show up. At American Heritage Property Management, we take care of all repairs and maintenance so that you don’t have to.

We offer a 24-hour, full-service contractor that can quickly and effectively meet the needs of your tenants. We also practice prevention with our repairs and maintenance, which can minimize the need for future ones. Our 24-hour repair service is just one of the many reasons why we are the leader among Mount Joy property management companies.

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Sit Back and Enjoy Your Returns

Enjoy your return on investment rather than stressing about day-to-day management. We take care of the leasing, the deposit collection, the yearly renewals, the tenant calls and even any evictions. In short, we take care of all the hard stuff when you choose our services from among property management companies in Mount Joy.

Maximizing Your Monthly Rent Totals

In addition to day-to-day support, we also provide strategic insights into the health of your investments. We offer regular financial statements and analyses, as well as guidance on how to optimize rent totals for maximization of revenue. When you choose AHPM for property management in Mount Joy, it’s like adding a valuable partner to your team.

The Best Property Management Services in PA

What makes us the best among rental management companies in Mount Joy? Our experience, our knowledge and also our wealth of in-house resources, including insurance providers, licensed agents, settlement officers, mortgage representatives and more. Get in touch for a free quote and complimentary pre-management overview when you need Mount Joy property management services.


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