Few investments are more stable and more lucrative than real estate. Then why aren’t more investors pouring money into properties? Because managing real estate can be a huge hassle for many investors. The solution is to find quality Mechanicsburg property management services that take the stress out of ownership while also delivering access to outstanding returns.

At American Heritage Property Management, we are the leader among Mechanicsburg property management companies. We work with both individual investors and large real estate companies to provide comprehensive property management in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, that you can count on.

Fill Your Property With Quality Tenants

One of the great challenges in property ownership is filling your units. An even greater challenge is filling your units with quality tenants — individuals and families who will pay rent on time and treat your property with care.

We use comprehensive marketing and screening processes to ensure your units are filled with the types of tenants you want. Our marketing includes social media engagement, automatic syndication to popular real estate sites, strategic digital marketing, the traditional “For Rent” sign and much more. Our screening includes the application, employment verification, references, eviction history, credit review, due diligence and more.

How do we know our processes are effective? Because our clients enjoy a vacancy rate that’s 50 percent lower than the U.S. average. When you want the right tenants for your property, choose American Heritage Property Management from among rental management companies in Mechanicsburg.

We Take Care of Maintenance and Repairs

Another challenge in owning real estate is maintenance and repairs. When you manage your own property, you have to answer the phone with emergency plumbing issues in the middle of the night. Then you have to wait around the property for service contractors to arrive.

When you choose American Heritage from among property management companies in Mechanicsburg, we offer a full-service contractor and 24/7 response to emergency repair and maintenance needs. What’s more, we practice preventive maintenance and repairs that help ensure that same issue won’t emerge again anytime soon. Your tenants get to enjoy their lives with minimal disruptions, and you get the most out of your investment in real estate.

Sit Back and Enjoy Your Investment

There’s no more stress when you choose a quality provider of rental property management in Mechanicsburg. We handle everything that creates a hassle for self-managed owners, including leases, deposits, renewals, evictions and more. You get to sit back and enjoy your investment — and the returns it provides.

We also help you on the investment strategy side of things. We help maximize monthly rental totals, and we provide regular financial statements and investment analyses. These reports help you make the most of your investment in existing properties, as well as your investment in future properties — should you choose to scale your portfolio.

Experienced Property Management in Central PA

Choose American Heritage for rental property management in Mechanicsburg and you’ll find we deliver the experience, knowledge and resources you won’t find elsewhere. Since 1981, we’ve been helping owners in Mechanicsburg and throughout central Pennsylvania make the most of their investments. When you’re ready to lose the stress and enhance the real estate investment experience, we’re ready to help.

Contact us today about securing the leader among Mechanicsburg property management companies.