Property Management in Marietta

If managing properties were simple and easy, there would be far more real estate investors. But the day-to-day operation of rental properties isn’t simple and easy, which is why you need a quality provider of rental property management in Marietta.

At American Heritage Property Management, we have been serving owners in Pennsylvania since 1981. When you choose us from among Marietta property management companies, you get a true partner that helps you make the most of your investments.

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Avoid Problem Tenants

Nothing makes life as a real estate investor more frustrating than problem tenants. When you work with American Heritage Property Management, we help fill your units with the right tenants by providing comprehensive marketing services and executing a proven screening process.

Our marketing plans call for social media engagement, syndication to popular listing sites and other digital marketing tactics. Our screening process is comprehensive and it includes employment verification, credit checks, landlord references and other due diligence. Our approaches work, too, as we help clients achieve a vacancy rate 50 percent lower than the national average. Make sure you’re getting the right tenants for your properties when you choose our services from among rental management companies in Marietta.

Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

When you need property management in Marietta, PA, make sure you’re getting a provider that offers 24-hour emergency repairs and maintenance. Taking care of your own repairs and maintenance is one of the most frustrating aspects of self-management, which is why we make sure to take these time-consuming tasks completely off your plate. We also take preventative measures when making repairs so that you minimize the likelihood of needing additional repairs in the near future.

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Let Us Take Care of the Hard Stuff

Managing properties requires lease preparation, tenant calls, deposit collection, yearly renewals and even evictions from time to time. These tasks can be hard, especially when you’re busy worrying about the big picture and your overall investment strategy. At American Heritage, we take care of all the hard stuff so that your life as an investor is as simple and easy as possible. It’s our comprehensive approach that makes us your best option from among property management companies in Marietta.

We Provide Service Plus Strategic Support

You want steady day-to-day operation of your properties, no doubt, but you’re most likely more interested in your big-picture investment strategy. At AHPM, we provide regular financial statements and investment analyses that help you better understand how your investments are performing. We also provide expert support and guidance in optimizing your monthly rent for maximization of revenue. In short, we act as a kind of strategic investment partner that’s constantly passing along new insights.

A Wealth of In-House Resources

When you choose AHPM, you also enjoy access to a wealth of in-house resources thanks provided by the Homesale Family of Companies, including settlement officers, mortgage representatives, licensed agents, insurance producers and more. And taking a first step toward securing the best among Marietta property management companies is easy: Simply contact us for a free quote and complimentary pre-management overview.

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