lease preparation & collection in PA & MD

Lease Preparation & Collection in Central PA

A lease is a legal document that should protect both tenant and landlord. The right wording can help create a smooth and mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties, but the wrong language can lead to trouble. Do you have the right lease in place? One that protects you and limits your liability?

At American Heritage Property Management, we provide comprehensive management services, including lease preparation services. We’ve been serving landlords and property owners throughout Central Pennsylvania since 1981, and we use our experience and the resources we’ve developed through 35-plus years of service to be your best option for a lease preparation company — or a comprehensive manager. Make sure you have lease agreements that fully protect you and your investment when you choose American Heritage Property Management.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Lease Agreements
A lease agreement is not a document in which less is more. You want a lease agreement that anticipates all manner of challenges and situations that could occur, as well as remedies for each of those challenges and situations. It needs to be detailed and specific, outlining everything from how many people can occupy a unit to what maintenance and repairs the tenant are responsible for. Without this level of detail, confusion can emerge and lead to conflict.

How do we know what to include in a lease agreement? Deep experience. Through our 35-plus years of serving landlords throughout Pennsylvania and in the Baltimore Metro area, we’ve encountered almost every situation you can face when operating a rental property. We use these experiences and our collective knowledge to make sure each lease agreement is crafted to serve as the essential document it’s supposed to be.

Our overall philosophy is simple: We want to protect you and your investment in a rental property. That’s exactly what a good lease agreement does, but creating a good lease agreement isn’t as simple as downloading a template and filling in the relevant details. Let us help you create the perfect lease agreement for protecting your interests.

Let AHPM Take Care of Your Management
At American Heritage Property Management, we can be your lease preparation company or your full-service manager. We are experienced and knowledgeable in every aspect of operating a rental property, including marketing, leasing, daily operations, maintenance and repairs, evictions and more. We are Pennsylvania’s largest scattered-site manager, handling more than 3,300 properties. But we’re able to provide focused and market-specific service because of our eight strategically located field offices.

We consider your success our success at American Heritage Property Management. We understand that rental property ownership is an investment, one from which the owner expects a return. We do everything we can, applying all our experience and knowledge, toward ensuring that you realize the return you expect. Don’t get caught up in all the mundane, challenging aspects of property management — tasks like lease preparation. Choose American Heritage Property Management for lease preparation services and make the most of your investment.

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