Rental Property Management in Inner Harbor

How you find the right tenants for your property? Oftentimes, the challenge is being selective about who lives in your properties while also ensuring you keep your units filled as much as possible. At American Heritage, we offer property management in Inner Harbor, MD, that focuses on keeping your properties filled with the best possible tenants. We offer comprehensive marketing services as well as thorough screening processes that include application, employment verification, credit check, references, eviction histories, due diligence and more.

When you’re looking for Inner Harbor property management companies and you want one that will help you maximize your investment, look no further than American Heritage Property Management. Read on to learn more about how we work with investors to ensure they get the most from their properties.

On-Demand Maintenance and Repairs

No longer do you have to waste your time waiting for service contractors to show up at your home. And no longer do you have to answer late-night phone calls about emergency repairs. When American Heritage Property Management is your service provider, we offer a contractor who takes care of everything.

What’s more, we focus on getting the job done right rather than just getting the job done. Some management companies want to get work done as quickly as possible, not caring whether or not haphazard repairs will lead to more work in the near future. We are proactive and preventative in everything we do.

Enjoy the Best Aspects of Property Ownership

Most property owners get into real estate investing because they see the chance for significant returns. Almost no one gets into real estate investment because they enjoy collecting deposits, answering tenant calls or handling yearly renewals. At American Heritage, we take care of everything that’s needed for smooth day-to-day operations so you can enjoy the best aspects of property ownership: the strategy and the dependable returns.

And we also support your investment strategy by offering regular financial statements and investment analyses as well as ideas for how you can maximize your rent totals without affecting occupancy. We work with large real estate companies and individual investors alike and, for both, provide day-to-day operations coverage and support for maximizing investment strategies.

About American Heritage Property Management

Since 1981, we’ve been working with property owners throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania and providing our knowledge, experience and resources. We boast 13 property managers plus insurance providers, settlement officers, mortgage specialists and more. No matter what type of property you own or how many, we are focused on smooth daily operations and the maximization of your long-term returns. When you need Inner Harbor property management services, make sure you get the best with American Heritage.

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