Hershey is a small central Pennsylvania town that’s well known around the world. Owning a small piece of Hershey makes for a tremendous investment. So why aren’t more investors buying and leasing homes and buildings here? Because of how challenging real estate management can be for those investors.

The key to real estate investment is to consider options for rental management companies in Hershey — and to find the best. American Heritage Property Management is the leading provider of rental property management in Hershey and throughout central Pennsylvania. We help both large investment companies and individuals gain access to the cash flow and dependable return of real estate investment without the hassles of hands-on management.

Finding the Ideal Tenants

As your provider of property management in Hershey, Pennsylvania, we understand occupancy is the lifeblood of your investment strategy. However, you don’t want just any tenants to fill your units. That’s why we use comprehensive marketing and screening processes to ensure your property remains filled with quality tenants who treat it as their own and pay rent on time.

In marketing, we use social media engagement, syndication to popular real estate sites and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to find prospective tenants. In screening, we handle the application, employment verification, credit review, eviction history, references and more — all in an effort to ensure the tenants chosen are the best.

We Take the Late-Night Repair/Maintenance Calls

One other significant challenge in managing your own properties is the late-night calls for repairs and maintenance needs — AC units that have quit working, toilets that are overflowing, etc. At American Heritage Property Management, we offer a full-service contractor who is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet the needs of your tenants. We also practice preventive maintenance and repairs that help mitigate future emergency situations. This reduces the disruption to your tenants, and it also helps you enjoy a less stressful ownership experience.

Maximize Your Real Estate Investments

We take care of the day-to-day duties at your properties, including lease preparation, deposit collection, annual renewals, evictions and much more. We also go beyond just operations. We help you maximize your monthly rent totals, and we provide regular financial statements and investment analyses. These reports give you a snapshot of your investment’s health, and they can help you improve or scale your portfolio.

All of this is focused on one thing: Helping you sit back and enjoy your investments — and the returns that come with them — while we take care of the daily operations and management tasks you have no interest in.

Serving Central PA Since 1981

Since 1981, American Heritage has served as the leader among property management companies in Hershey. We provide experience, knowledge and significant in-house resources — including 13 property managers, insurance providers, mortgage providers, settlement officers and more. These services are available in conjunction with our parent company, Homesale Realty Services Group. When you want the best among Hershey property management companies, you want American Heritage.

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