Property Management in Dover

Since 1981, American Heritage Property Management has been supporting Pennsylvania property owners, delivering management services that help them make the most on their investments. We have offices and presences throughout the state to best serve our clients, including in Dover.

Are you in the market for the best among Dover property management companies? We take care of everything at AHPM, delivering service and insights that truly make a positive impact on your portfolio. When you want the best Dover property management services, we’re always here to help.

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Outsource Your Marketing and Screening Processes

One of the main challenges in property ownership is keeping your units filled with high-quality tenants. We help you overcome that challenge by offering comprehensive marketing services and an effective screening process.

Our marketing includes a complete digital marketing strategy with syndication to popular real estate sites and social media engagement. Our proven screening process includes credit checks, applications, employment verifications and much more. And, in tandem, our marketing and screening deliver real results — our clients enjoy a vacancy rate 50 percent lower than the national average. Make sure you’re getting the best possible tenants when you work with us.

Never Worry Again About Repairs and Maintenance

Another challenge in property management is repairs and maintenance. You don’t have time to respond to late-night calls for emergency repair needs, and you don’t have time to waste away afternoons waiting for maintenance workers — so let us take care of it all.

We have a full-service contractor available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we always deliver repairs and maintenance with a focus on prevention — helping reduce the likelihood of more repair needs in the near future. Working with us for rental property management in Dover means you never again have to worry about late-night calls and wasted afternoons.

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Service You Can Trust

When you choose AHPM for property management in Dover, PA, we make everything easy. We handle leasing, deposits, evictions and renewals. It’s important for you to focus on the big-picture investment strategy rather than day-to-day operation, and we allow you to do just that. We are the provider of Dover property management services that you can trust.

Providing the Investment Resources You Lack

Beyond just daily operation, we also deliver important real estate investment resources you may lack. We offer regular financial statements and real estate investment analyses, as well as guidance and recommendations on optimizing rent totals for maximum revenue. You’ll be able to put day-to-day management on cruise control while also gaining access to important investment insights.

The American Heritage Property Management Advantage

The American Heritage Property Management advantage includes our experience and knowledge, as well as in-house resources offered by the Homesale Family of Companies like settlement officers, mortgage representatives, insurance providers and licensed agents. When you’re ready to get started with the best Dover property management services, we’re ready, too. Contact us for a free quote and a complimentary pre-management overview.

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