Should I invest in Central PA real estate? For many individuals who have money to put to work but who have never engaged in the real estate market, it’s a little daunting to think about taking the plunge. But when you take a closer look at real estate investment and at the Central PA market specifically, you’ll find plenty of reasons why you should at least explore the opportunity.

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Here’s a look at seven key benefits to investing in Central PA real estate as well as a description of what they mean for you and your portfolio:

  • Rates: Lending rates are still incredibly low even for investors. When you jump in now and take advantage of attractive interest rates, those rates are locked in until you refinance or sell altogether. In fact, rates are so low now that they can really only go up. If you can get a loan for an investment property now, you’ll be saving thousands in interest as rates climb in the future — while you’re also enjoying cash flow from your rental properties.
  • Reduced Risk: Nothing’s risk-free. When you buy at the top of the market, you may find yourself trying to sell at the bottom of the market five years later. But if you can invest in a rental property now, and if you can hold onto it for the mid- to long-term, you’ll find that real estate is one of the most stable and least risky investment vehicles you can find. Other vehicles, like investing in the stock market, are volatile over a span of 10 years. You want to invest in them for retirement, yes, but you can often get far better returns by investing in physical property over that same period of time.
  • Diversification: You always hear about diversifying your portfolio, but rarely do individual investors actually do it. Real estate is a fantastic opportunity to diversify where you’re investing your money, while also reducing risk and getting into an area that often offers great returns. You can try to stash your money with a financial planner, but you’ll find that real estate investment offers outstanding diversification opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Tax Breaks: Real estate investment can also be advantageous at tax time. You can find ways to write off investment-related expenses as well as find ways to defer gains to later years when they reduce your tax obligation. Talk to your accountant before making any decisions, but don’t be surprised if you find that a good real estate investment also comes with significant tax breaks.
  • Control: You get to call the shots when you own an investment property. You can jump into the market when you find just what you’re looking for at just the right price. And you can set rental rates and make repairs and improvements as you see fit. There are no rules concerning how to invest in rental property in Central PA. At American Heritage, we can provide expert guidance. But, in the end, you hold the control and power as you invest in real estate and maximize the return on that investment.
  • Emerging Area: Central Pennsylvania is an emerging area. Pennsylvania has long been known for Philadelphia to the east and Pittsburgh to the west, but there are many communities dotting Central PA that offer great places to live — as well as proximity to other large cities where there may be employment opportunities. Some individuals and families may choose to live in Central PA while commuting to jobs in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. or other large metropolitan areas. And while living in Central PA, those individuals and families get to enjoy a slower and more community-oriented pace of life. This is an emerging area now where you can make investments affordably and enjoy significant returns.
  • Passivity: Real estate investing can also be a passive stream of income if you have the right partners. You make the purchase and the monthly payments. But if you can find the right property management company, you don’t have to worry about emergency repair calls or waiting around for contractors to show up for maintenance. You get to sit back and focus on your investment strategy — or just sit back and enjoy the returns.

Since 1981, American Heritage Property Management has worked with investors throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, taking care of daily operations and providing advanced investment insights and support. We are a comprehensive management company, which means we take care of every aspect: marketing, leasing, screening, repairs and maintenance, renewals and much more.

We work with both individual investors and large real estate companies that are often buying and selling property. With each, we take care of the day-to-day so that they can take care of the big picture. But we also help with the big picture by providing regular financial statements and investment analyses as well as ideas for maximizing monthly rent totals.

When you choose American Heritage as your property manager, you’re getting experience, knowledge, resources and a deep commitment to seeing your investment reach its full potential. One of the ways we help your investment reach its full potential is by helping you find and secure the best possible tenants for your units. Any investment thrives on occupancy and we help you occupy units through our advanced marketing programs.

And, while you want tenants, you don’t want just any tenants. Which is why we use a comprehensive screening process to weed out potential problem tenants before they sign on the dotted line.

Still wondering: Should I invest in Central PA property? We can help you answer that question as well as questions of how to invest in rental property in Central PA. You may also be wondering: How much should I invest in Central PA property? These are great questions to be asking and we would be glad to help provide you with the right answers.

Contact us today for a free quote on services or a complimentary pre-management overview.

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