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Tucked in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country, you’ll find Lancaster County — an area with communities that offer big-city amenities and small-town charm. It’s also conveniently located just about an hour west of Philadelphia and just 30 minutes southeast of Harrisburg. You can be in Baltimore or Washington, D.C. in just a short drive, too.

People come to Lancaster County for many different reasons — some to be close to family, some for a new job and others for the charming setting and attractive lifestyle. But, no matter what brings you to Lancaster County, you need the right apartment or house to serve as your home and allow you to make the most of your time in this historic and charming city.

Make the Most of Life in Lancaster County

So much goes into finding the perfect house or apartment for rent in Lancaster County, PA. You need the right blend of space, amenities and location. Having the right place to live in a city can be the difference between fully enjoying all that Lancaster County has to offer and wishing you had moved somewhere else.

At American Heritage Property Management, we manage a wide variety of houses and apartments for rent in Lancaster City, Ephrata, Elizabethtown, Columbia, Lititz, Millersville and other Lancaster County communities. These houses and apartments are good places to live. They are available in different sizes and bedroom-bathroom breakdowns, and they are located throughout Lancaster County — you can always find options in the neighborhood that best suits your needs. Browse through properties managed by American Heritage Property Management, and ensure you have the place to live that’s going to help you make the most of life in Lancaster County.

Serving Communities Throughout Lancaster County

Lancaster County is one of the larger portions of Pennsylvania, home to more than 500,000 people. These residents of Lancaster County dot communities that are in the heart of it all, equal distance to the capital of Harrisburg as they are to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. Many drawn to Lancaster County find themselves searching for the perfect option among homes, townhouses and apartments for rent in Ephrata, PA, Lancaster, Elizabethtown and these other communities.

At American Heritage Property Management, we manage houses for rent in Elizabethtown, PA, Lititz, Lancaster and beyond. We also manage apartments for rent in Elizabethtown and communities throughout Lancaster County. We want everyone who’s going to live in Lancaster County or who currently lives here to have access to the Lancaster, Elizabethtown and Ephrata rentals that they are searching for. Where you live matters — it can influence your lifestyle to the extreme. This is why we are passionate about pairing prospective residents with the right houses for rent in Ephrata, PA, Elizabethtown, Lancaster and communities throughout the area.

When you need properties for rent in Elizabethtown, PA, Lancaster, Lititz, Ephrata and other Lancaster County communities, trust the team and collection of properties you’ll find at American Heritage Property Management.

On-Call Maintenance and Repairs

The manager of your rental community of property matters. At American Heritage Property Management, we offer 24-hour emergency maintenance and repairs that ensure you always have a fully operational unit from which to enjoy life.

We don’t just make repairs to get the job done — we do them so that they prevent future issues from arising. This reduces the number of times we come back to take care of the same issue in your apartment or home, whether it be a water heater, plumbing or something else entirely.

Experience Where It Matters

Since 1981, American Heritage Property Management has been helping prospective residents find the perfect options from among apartments and houses for rent in Lancaster, PA, Ephrata, Lititz, Elizabethtown and nearby communities.

Today, we serve as the largest scattered site property management company in Central Pennsylvania with more than 3,300 properties under management — including many apartments and houses for rent in Lancaster County, PA.

Start Your Journey Today

Are you ready to find your perfect option from among apartments, houses and townhomes for rent in Lancaster County, PA? If so, you can start browsing on our website for your best option, or you can contact us directly for assistance. Choose American Heritage Property Management as your go-to source when hunting for townhomes, apartments and homes for rent in Lancaster County, PA.

Begin your search for apartments and homes for rent in Lancaster County, PA, Ephrata, Elizabethtown, Lititz and nearby communities.