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Ephrata Property Management

The AHPM Ephrata office is conveniently located along a major thoroughfare in the community. As a result, our Ephrata office is able to meet the needs of real estate investors in a number of surrounding areas including: Akron, Denver, Lititz, Manheim, and New Holland.

Finding Ideal Tenants for Rental Properties in Ephrata, PA

At American Heritage Property Management, we work with property owners to ensure they have the best possible tenants in place. We offer comprehensive marketing plans that include automatic syndication to popular real estate sites, social media engagement, strategic digital marketing, the traditional “For Rent” sign and so much more.

And our services don’t stop there. We further ensure you get the best possible tenants by offering comprehensive screening services. We can take care of the rental application, credit checks, employment verifications, eviction histories, landlord references and the many other tasks and to-dos that go into vetting prospective tenants.

Why do we choose comprehensiveness in both marketing and screening? Because that’s the approach that gets results when you need property management in Ephrata, PA. Our approach has helped our clients achieve a vacancy rate that’s 50 percent under the national average.

A Full-Service Contractor for Rental Properties in Ephrata, PA

Say “goodbye” to worries related to property repairs and maintenance. When you choose AHPM for rental property management in Ephrata, PA, you’re choosing a full-service contractor that’s on-call 24 hours a day to deliver the maintenance and repairs your property needs. We also take measures to prevent future repairs and maintenance, which means less disruption for your tenants and greater value out of your investment in Ephrata property management.

Property Ownership That’s Enjoyable Rather Than Stressful

Let us take on all of the stressful items on your to-do list, including lease preparation, security deposit collection, tenant calls, lease renewals and more. You own an investment property for the returns — not the headaches. But when you choose AHPM for property management in Ephrata, PA, you have a trusted and experienced manager who can handle all of the headaches so that you can enjoy a stress-free ownership experience.

A Management Company That Understands Investment Strategy

At American Heritage Property Management, we provide detailed monthly financial statements and investment analyses, because we know you’re ultimately serving as owners to get a future return. We can also help you maximize monthly rent amounts, which can help boost the return you ultimately achieve on your investment.

We work with all types of owners of rental properties in Ephrata, PA. We work with individual owners looking to supplement their overall portfolios, and we also work with large real estate companies that often list and sell properties but lack management expertise.

No matter the nature of your organization or business, AHPM can be a strategic partner when selected from among rental agencies in Ephrata, PA.

Experienced Property Management in Ephrata, PA

It’s been more than 30 years since we first started serving property owners. In that time, we’ve grown to include more than 3,300 properties in our portfolio, and we serve these clients with significant in-house resources: 13 property managers, insurance providers, mortgage representatives, settlement officers and more.

You’ll find us serving rental properties in Ephrata, PA, as well as other communities throughout the state and region. Interested in getting management services? Contact us for a free quote and complimentary pre-management overview.

Why Is Ephrata PA a Great Place To Live?

Ephrata Borough is a lively community entrenched in tradition and religious history. Ephrata is known throughout the region as a closely-knit community that values long-standing religious teachings. This is evidenced through the large Mennonite and Amish communities that inhabit the area. The residence of Ephrata value hard work, discipline, and integrity, and attempt to display these values in their everyday lives. As a result of its rich history, Ephrata showcases a number of highly regarded points of interest including the Ephrata Cloister.

One of the most iconic destinations in Lancaster County is the Ephrata Cloister located in the historic downtown area. The Cloister was built and used as a house of worship by German settlers in 1732, and was the foundation one of the first communities to inhabit America. The Cloister is now owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania but serves as a living landmark signifying the regions religious and historical past.

Although the Ephrata Cloister is an important historic landmark perhaps one of the most famous attractions today is the Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Locally know as Shady Maple, this smorgasbord is the largest of its kind in Lancaster County with 200 feet of mouth-watering, authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. Shady Maple is a must see for anyone who is interested in the Pennsylvania Dutch community and enjoys excellent cuisine.

For those looking for a luxurious local getaway, the Twine Pine Manor Bed & Breakfast is an excellent choice. This 10,000-square-foot mansion provides nine high-end guest rooms equipped with modern amenities and 26 acres of land. Within driving distance of Ephrata is an excellent and comprehensive tour of a number of the landmark covered bridges and iconic Lancaster County points of interest. This tour cuts through the heart of Amish county and provides a visual representation of the counties storied past.

If you’re interested in interacting with locals in their daily lives Ephrata offers a unique way to do so. Since 1932, The Green Dragon, Ephrata’s iconic farmers market has been offering a plethora of food, clothing, furniture, and other goods, many of which are made in Lancaster County. You will be able to interact with a number of local vendors and get a feel for how a Lancaster County farmers market works. With over 400 merchants and both indoor and outdoor venues, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.