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Lori Lintner - Ephrata property manager

Lori Lintner

Property Manager

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Ephrata, PA Property Management

The AHPM Ephrata office is conveniently located along a major thoroughfare in the community. As a result, our Ephrata office is able to meet the needs of real estate investors in a number of surrounding areas including: Akron, Denver, Lititz, Manheim, and New Holland.

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Finding Ideal Tenants for Rental Properties in Ephrata, PA

At American Heritage Property Management of Ephrata, we work with property owners to ensure they have the best possible tenants in place. We offer comprehensive marketing plans that include automatic syndication to popular Ephrata real estate sites, social media engagement, strategic digital marketing, the traditional “For Rent” sign and so much more.

And our services don’t stop there. We further ensure you get the best possible tenants by offering comprehensive screening services. With our Ephrata property management services, we can take care of the rental application, credit checks, employment verifications, eviction histories, landlord references and the many other tasks and to-dos that go into vetting prospective tenants.

Why do we choose comprehensiveness in both marketing and screening? Because that’s the approach that gets results when you need property management in Ephrata, PA. Our approach has helped our clients achieve a vacancy rate that’s 50 percent under the national average. By striving to help the Ephrata community and make it a better place to live, we are reducing vacancy rates and improving the quality of property management in the area.

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A Full-Service Contractor for Rental Properties in Ephrata, PA

Say “goodbye” to worries related to property repairs and maintenance. When you choose AHPM for rental property management in Ephrata, PA, you’re choosing a full-service contractor that’s on-call 24 hours a day to deliver the maintenance and repairs your property needs. We also take measures to prevent future repairs and maintenance, which means less disruption for your tenants and greater value out of your investment in Ephrata property management.

Property Ownership That’s Enjoyable Rather Than Stressful

Let us take on all of the stressful items on your to-do list, including lease preparation, security deposit collection, tenant calls, lease renewals and more. You own an investment property for the returns — not the headaches. But when you choose AHPM for property management in Ephrata, PA, you have a trusted and experienced manager who can handle all of the headaches so that you can enjoy a stress-free ownership experience.

An Ephrata Property Management Company That Understands Investment Strategy

At American Heritage Property Management, we provide detailed monthly financial statements and investment analyses, because we know you’re ultimately serving as owners to get a future return. We can also help you maximize monthly rent amounts, which can help boost the return you ultimately achieve on your investment.

We work with all types of owners of rental properties in Ephrata, PA. We work with individual owners looking to supplement their overall portfolios, and we also work with large real estate companies that often list and sell properties but lack management expertise. As your property management team, we take your investment goals to the next level.

No matter the nature of your organization or business, AHPM can be a strategic partner when selected from among rental agencies in Ephrata, PA.

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Experienced Property Management in Ephrata, PA

It’s been more than 30 years since we first started serving Ephrat, PA property owners. In that time, we’ve grown to include more than 3,300 properties in our portfolio, and we serve these clients with significant in-house resources: 13 property managers, insurance providers, mortgage representatives, settlement officers and more.

You’ll find us serving rental properties in Ephrata, PA, as well as other communities throughout the state and region. See the difference that American Heritage, PA provides as your local Ephrata property management company. Contact us for a free quote and complimentary pre-management overview.


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Lori Lintner - Ephrata property manager

Lori Lintner

Property Manager


Lori Lintner is the Property Manager for the Ephrata office of American Heritage. Lori joined the Company in 2016 to provide property management services to investors in both the Ephrata and Wyomissing regions. Lori’s position is integral to ensure properties in her portfolio are rented quickly to well qualified tenants.

Lori Lintner has 18 years of property management experience both professionally and personally. Since 2010, Lori has been working as a licensed Pennsylvania Real Estate Agent with experience in both residential sales and property management. Lori has worked in Berks, Dauphin and Lancaster Counties.

Lori earned a Pennsylvania Real Estate License and Certified Negotiation Expert.