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Camp Hill Property Management

The AHPM Camp Hill office provides property management services all throughout Dauphin and Cumberland Counties. Many of our investors own properties in: Harrisburg, Lemoyne, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, and Paxtonia.

amp Hill Property Management Services That Secure Qualified Tenants

The lifeblood of any residential real estate investment portfolio is finding and securing the best possible tenants. Highly qualified tenants are stable and pay their rent on time, and they can help your entire business model click.

At American Heritage Property Management, our services include comprehensive marketing plans that use automatic listing syndication, social media engagement, strategic digital marketing and much more to ensure you’re reaching out to a sea of tenant possibilities.

Our rental property management in Camp Hill also includes the many necessary screening tasks that are involved in securing the right tenants. We handle the simple things like the “For Rent” signs and we also take care of applications, employment verifications, credit reviews, eviction histories, landlord references, criminal background checks and more. Each of these tasks is vitally important to getting the right tenants into your property, but each can also be time-consuming and rife with mistakes and errors if you don’t have the right experience on your side.

At American Heritage Property Management, our approach works, too. We’ve been able to help our clients achieve vacancy rates 50 percent lower than the national average.

We Handle Maintenance and Repairs

When we’re your source for property management in Camp Hill, you gain access to a full-service contractor who is on-call 24 hours a day for maintenance and emergency repairs. As we execute on maintenance and repairs, we’re always looking for measures to take that can reduce or prevent the need for even more maintenance and repairs in the future.

This proactive approach helps you better serve your tenants and it also helps you get the most value out of your investment in a property manager.

Let Us Take Care of the Stressful Stuff

The tasks related to owning and operating an investment property can seem never-ending. These tasks include lease preparation, security deposit collection, yearly renewals, evictions and more. At American Heritage Property Management, we take care of all of this as well as the many other stressful tasks and to-dos that emerge when you choose us for property management in Camp Hill.

When you have a trusted manager like AHPM, your only job is to sit back and let the returns roll in.

Secure a Strategic Investment Partner

At American Heritage Property Management, we work with individual investors as well as large real estate companies that are often listing and selling properties — but which lack in-house management expertise. No matter the nature of your business or investment, we can offer something you won’t find in property management companies in Camp Hill: Strategic insights into the health of your investment.

When you choose American Heritage from among Camp Hill property management companies, we help you maximize your monthly rent amounts and we also offer detailed monthly financial statements and investment analyses. Work with American Heritage and get management insights that helps you make the most of your investments.

Experienced Property Management in Camp Hill, PA

Since first opening in 1981, we’ve grown to include more than 3,300 properties in our portfolio today. This portfolio represents decades of experience and knowledge you won’t find elsewhere. We can also offer significant in-house resources available to us as part of the Homesale Family of Companies, including 13 licensed property managers, insurance providers, mortgage representatives, settlement officers and more.

Our Camp Hill office is just one of several located in Pennsylvania and beyond. These offices are strategically located so we can best serve clients and continue to be a leader among rental management companies in Camp Hill and other communities. Contact us today for a free quote and a complimentary pre-management overview.

What’s There to Know About Camp Hill PA

Camp Hill is an up-and-coming area strategically located between Dauphin and Cumberland Counties. Camp Hill residence have access to many of the attractions and activities of a large city while enjoying the comforts of a small community. Camp Hill is within driving distance of a number of notable Pennsylvania landmarks, including the Pennsylvania state capitol and the U.S. Army War College.

Camp Hill borough boasts a number of delicious restaurants that are staples in the region. More specifically, many locals enjoying dinning at the Brewhouse Grill known for its menu variety and reasonable prices as well as the Camp Hill location of Appalachian Brewing Company famous for “The Original Harrisburger” and their craft beer list.

Camp Hill also has a number of high-end hotels perhaps the most notable of which is the Radisson Hotel Harrisburg which offers a plethora of services including: airport shuttle services, a fully operational business center, fitness center, and an outdoor pool. Camp Hill also offers many educational activities including the acclaimed Cleve J. Fredericksen Library that is consistently ranked as one of the top libraries in the region.

For those interested in politics and architecture, Camp Hill is only a short drive away from the Pennsylvania State Capitol located in downtown Harrisburg. The massive capital building is a staggering 629,898 square foot structure that houses the Pennsylvania Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the PA Supreme and Superior Courts, and the PA House of Representatives and the Senate. The Capitol is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is viewed by many as one of the most ornate and pristine capitol buildings in the nation.

Harrisburg PA Property Management

At American Heritage Property Management, we offer offices strategically located throughout Pennsylvania and the region to best serve you. Our newest office is in the Keystone State’s capital of Harrisburg. When you want the best among property management companies in Harrisburg, PA, choose AHPM and discover the positive impact experience and knowledge can make on your investments.

Harrisburg Property Services That Deliver Highly Qualified Tenants

The success of your real estate investment business relies on finding and securing qualified tenants. Unfortunately, this is one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of running a real estate investment business. At American Heritage Property Management, we work with investors throughout Pennsylvania and the region to identify and help move quality tenants into quality housing.

It starts with a comprehensive marketing plan. Our marketing plans include the traditional “For Rent” signs but also much more, including strategic digital marketing, social media engagement and automatic syndication of your listings to popular real estate websites. As your Harrisburg property management company, we cast a wide net that helps boost your overall occupancy rate.

We also offer comprehensive screening services. These services include due diligence, applications, credit checks, employment verifications, landlord references and much more. We want to find out just how dependable and stable a prospective tenant is before they call your property “home.”

Our approaches to marketing and screening have helped our clients achieve vacancy rates 50 percent lower than the national average.

Get Fast, Effective Repairs and Maintenance

We are your full-service contractor when you choose American Heritage Property Management from among property management companies in Harrisburg, PA. Our team is available 24 hours a day to deliver the repairs and maintenance you and your tenants need, and they always take measures to proactively prevent future repair and maintenance needs.

This approach and philosophy helps ensure limited future disruptions to your tenants as well as the greatest value for your investment in property management in Harrisburg, PA.

Property Ownership Made Easy

It doesn’t have to be stressful to own a rental property. But it sometimes feels that way when you’re handling all of the lease preparation, deposit collection, tenant calls, yearly renewals, evictions and more.

At American Heritage Property Management, we take care of all of this and so much more when you choose us for property management in Harrisburg, PA. Choose a trusted partner in American Heritage Property Management and sit back and enjoy the ownership experience.

Get the Strategic Investment Partner You Need

We offer monthly financial statements and detailed investment analyses when you choose American Heritage for property management in Harrisburg, PA. We can also help you maximize your monthly rent totals.

This is advanced and strategic support you won’t find from most other property management companies in Harrisburg or elsewhere. Our work pairs us with individual investors and large real estate companies alike — anyone who’s regularly buying and selling but lacks in-house resources for management and maintenance.

We’re always focused on one thing: Doing everything we can to ensure you’re maximizing your investment.

Experienced Property Management in Harrisburg, PA

When you own Harrisburg property rentals, make sure you have high-quality management services from American Heritage. We’re proud to have been in business since 1981. We offer experience and knowledge as well as in-house resources like licensed agents, insurance providers, mortgage representatives, settlement officers and more. Contact us today for a free quote and complimentary pre-management overview.